What is CCS Cable?

Copper-Clad Steel Cable (CCS) comprises of copper cladding with a homogeneous low carbon steel core. This copper-covered steel is a bi-metallic product that is used mainly in the cable industry and combines the steel’s high mechanical resistance and strength with resistance to corrosion and electrical conductivity of copper. The copper clad steel wire is a composite of copper metallurgically bonded to a steel core through a cladding process that uses pressure rolling for bonding.

The most common grade of CCS for electrical conductors has a nominal 40% IACS electrical conductivity. CCS is available bare or can be plated with silver, nickel or tin.


CCS is used mainly for telephone cables, coaxial cables, long wire antennas, CATV cables, tracer wires, railway cables automotive cables, consumer electronics, and grounding (earthing) cables and strands.


Copper clad steel possess certain important properties which include:

• Resistance of copper to corrosion
• High tensile strength of steel
• Resistance against structural fatigue.

Advantages of CCS Cables

Copper clad RF transmission lines get their impedance at high AC frequencies due to the low-impedance copper of the outer conductor and high impedance of steel at the center. This is known as the skin effect.
Copper-clad steel conductors possess higher tensile strength compared to ordinary copper conductors which allows for greater span length than with copper.

Coaxial cables use copper-clad steel conductors due to their small diameter which permits higher impedance compared to copper conductors of similar strength.
As a result of the inseparable union of both metals, cable theft is impractical since copper recovery is difficult and will have little to no scrap value.

Copper-clad steel installations are generally recognized as fulfilling specifications required for a good ground. This is why most oil companies and utilities prefer it when cost is a concern.
So whether you are dealing with copper theft, looking to save money, or replacing an old cable, a CCS cable is the perfect choice. It will save on initial investment, make a good re-investment in the case of theft and deter if not completely eliminate theft.